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  • 1 Woolsery parish church

    six bells peal

  • 2 Hartland bellringers

    annual dinnerl

  • 3 Bellringers marry

    Buckland couple

  • 4 Winkleigh Parish Church bells 1973

    Retuning of bells 5th april 1973

  • 5 A family connection to Clovelly bellringers

    18 May 1973

  • 6 Honeymoon in London

    10 February 1950

  • 7 70 sat down to tea

    12 July 1963

  • 8 Tea on the Rectory lawn

    25 July 1958

  • 9 Mr G Nicholls arranged the competition

    22 September 1950

  • Woolsery parish church

    six bells peal

    Woolsery parish church's six bell peal 18th January 1974

    Woolsery parish church bellsOriginally the work of restoring Woolsery parish church's six bell peal was estimated to cost around £3,000, but after a further examination, now the bells have been taken down, it is considered that all of them, instead of just two, will have to be re-cast.

    The bells are to be re-cast by Messrs Taylor, of Loughborough, who cast them 148 years ago when the firm had a branch at nearby Buckland Brewer.

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  • Hartland bellringers

    annual dinnerl

    Hartland bellringers 10th October 1975

    Hartland bellringing

    Hartland Deanery bellringers and their guests pictured after their annual dinner at Penstowe Manor, Kilkhampton.  In the forefront is the Rev R O H Eppingstone, Rector of Clovelly, who is the president.

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  • Bellringers marry

    Buckland couple

    Bellringers marry 22nd June 1979

    Bellringers marryBellringing.  A Buckland Brewer couple, both bellringers, were married in the parish church - the bride in a dress and veil she made herself.

    Bridegroom was Mr David Leonard Blight, son of Mr & Mrs L P Blight of Tower Hill, Buckland Brewer and his bride Miss Joan Elizabeth Brown, daughter of Mr & Mrs T H Brown, of Cleverdons, Buckland Brewer. 

    Bride's attendants were her sister, Mrs Brenda Mills and cousin Miss Jayne Wright.  Best man was Mr Alan Wright.

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  • Winkleigh Parish Church bells 1973

    Retuning of bells 5th april 1973

    Winkleigh Parish Church Bell 5th April 1973

    Winkley bellsWinkleigh Parish Church bells are to be re-tuned.  Here Mr Arthur Fidler (right), of Bow, and his assistant, who lowered the eight bells from the tower, are seen prepared two of the largest bells for dispatch to the foundry at Loughborough.

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  • A family connection to Clovelly bellringers

    18 May 1973

    A Clovelly representative on Bideford Rural Council, Mr Edward William Johns has died at his home, The Haven, Woolsery, at the age of 69.

    18.5.1973 Edward Johns Woolsery

    A member of Clovelly church council, Mr Johns was also deputy warden. He was captain of Clovelly bellringers, of which both his sons are members, and a former member of Clovelly Parish Council.
    The Rector, Rev R O H Eppingstone, officiated at the service assisted by the Rev L Buttle, Miss U Moore was organist.
    Captains of the local towers rang a muffled peal on the church bells.
    Immediate mourners attending were: the widow, Royston and

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  • Honeymoon in London

    10 February 1950

    Mr E C Nicholls and Miss J M Sanders

    1950 Littleham

    The bridegroom’s grandfather, father and two uncles and the bride’s brother were among those who rang the bells as the wedding at St Nectan’s Church, Welcombe, of Mr Ernest Claud Nicholls, of Shutta Farm, Littleham, to Miss Joyce Mary Sanders, daughter of Mr and Mrs Sanders, Linton Farm, Welcombe.
    The bridegroom is chairman of the Buckland Brewer Young Farmers’ Club and the bride one of the organists of Welcombe Church and a bell-ringer.
    The bridesmaid was Miss Edith Joyce Gifford and Mr Arthur Bisset was best man.
    The bouquets were afterwards

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  • 70 sat down to tea

    12 July 1963

    St Mary’s Church, Appledore, was host on Saturday to the annual ringing festival of the Hartland Deanery and some good peals were rung on the bells which were re-hung and dedicated last November.

    12.7.1963 bell ringing1

    Twelve teams competed, including newcomers Littleham and Welcombe.
    The judges, Messrs A Burrow and W Tuck, were closeted in the church schoolroom.
    Principle placings were: Shield and first certificate, Alwington B; Northam; Appledore; Alwington A; Hartland; Monkleigh.
    Other teams competing in order of scores were Bideford, Clovelly, Littleham, Weare Giffard, Buckland Brewer and Welcombe.
    About 70 sat down to tea provided by the Social Committee of the

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  • Tea on the Rectory lawn

    25 July 1958

    A record number of 13 entries marked the annual bell-ringing festival of the Hartland Deanery, this year held at Clovelly on Saturday.

    25.7.1958 Hartland Deanery Ringers

    Judges were Mr A Nicholls (Littleham), Mr S Nicholls (Abbotsham) and Mr W Tuck (Bideford).
    A short service in the Church, conducted by the Rector, the Rev Dr G S Spinks, afforded an opportunity of corporate worship by the ringers and friends.
    The Deanery Shield and certificates were presented to the winners by the Hon. Mrs Asquith, of Clovelly Court.
    In proposing a vote of thanks to all who had helped to make the occasion a success, Mr

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  • Mr G Nicholls arranged the competition

    22 September 1950

    A bell ringing competition, arranged by Mr G Nicholls, took place on Saturday by kind permission of Rev R P Newton- Priest-in-charge, in connection with the Harvest Festival.

    1950 bell ringing Monkleigh

    Ten teams of the Association entered the contest. The judges were Messrs C R Bissett, S Nicholls and F Bailey.
    The results were: 1, Chawleigh; 2, St Giles; 3, Down St Mary; 4, Frithelstock; 5, High Bickington; 6, Sheepwash; 7, Alwington; 8, Petrockstowe; 9, Northam; 10, Parkham.
    Certificates which were presented to the five winning teams by Mrs M H Hill were the gifts of Mr G Nicholls.

    Gazette article dated 22

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