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  • 1 At Hartland Wedding

    Both bridgegroom and best man wore their light-keeper's uniform at the wedding at St Nectan's

  • 2 Bideford Grammar School

    The successful candidates at the recent examination for free places are as follows: R A H Hunkin

  • 3 Trader's New President

    Pictured is 33 year old Mr Basil Pidgeon, the new president of Bideford Chamber of Trade.

  • 4 Former Town Clerk Was 'Father of Bideford'

    The 'Father of Bideford' was how the Mayor, Mr A C Hooper, described Mr F C Backway, former Town

  • 5 Marjorie Marshall Cornwall

    Many thanks for your letter of the 12th March. Your arrangement with Mrs Striemer is a good one, I think

  • 6 Good For Appledore, But Even Better For Tom!

    It was a happy day for Appledore when young Tom Parsons arrived to take up his first teaching job, but

  • 7 Northam House

    He would take possession as soon as the house becomes vacant and is made ready for his occupation.

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