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A bell ringing competition, arranged by Mr G Nicholls, took place on Saturday by kind permission of Rev R P Newton- Priest-in-charge, in connection with the Harvest Festival.

1950 bell ringing Monkleigh

Ten teams of the Association entered the contest. The judges were Messrs C R Bissett, S Nicholls and F Bailey.
The results were: 1, Chawleigh; 2, St Giles; 3, Down St Mary; 4, Frithelstock; 5, High Bickington; 6, Sheepwash; 7, Alwington; 8, Petrockstowe; 9, Northam; 10, Parkham.
Certificates which were presented to the five winning teams by Mrs M H Hill were the gifts of Mr G Nicholls.

Gazette article dated 22 September 1950

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