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A Clovelly representative on Bideford Rural Council, Mr Edward William Johns has died at his home, The Haven, Woolsery, at the age of 69.

18.5.1973 Edward Johns Woolsery

A member of Clovelly church council, Mr Johns was also deputy warden. He was captain of Clovelly bellringers, of which both his sons are members, and a former member of Clovelly Parish Council.
The Rector, Rev R O H Eppingstone, officiated at the service assisted by the Rev L Buttle, Miss U Moore was organist.
Captains of the local towers rang a muffled peal on the church bells.
Immediate mourners attending were: the widow, Royston and Alan, Beryl, Florrie, Bob, Vera and Jacqui, Christopher, Kath, Mr W Gifford, Mr and Mrs J Murch, Mr and Mrs G Burgess, Mr and Mrs W Alford, Messrs L and W Johns, Miss S Ellis, Mr and Mrs R Gifford, Mr N Alford, Mr and Mrs W Johns, Mr G Braund, Mrs T Braund, Mr an dMrs J J Headon, Messrs R K T and S Johns, Mr Heard, Mrs A Taylor, Mrs O Adams, Mrs T Ashwood, Mr and Mrs W Jewell, Mrs D Jennings, Mrs H Grills, Mr and Mrs N Carter, Mr and Mr J Withecombe, Mrs A Perkins.
Sisters-in-law Mesdames L Johns and D Braund were unable to attend.
Bearers were Messrs C Jennings, J Jewell, H Grills, F Cleave, F Robins, J Searles, M Vanstone, R Kelly, M Friend, P Andrew, J Vanstone and M May.
Representing Bideford RDC were Messrs S A Brimacombe, H I Bewes, A J George, I J Elson, F Pengelly, R J Cleverdon (also representing T Brown), R J Stoneman, S C Turner, J C Andrews, W T Harris, G O Harris, S J Oke, R B Richardson, H Ley, F Colwill, J Withecombe, C B Dunn, I Clarke (also representing Mr A J Blatchford and Mr J Dunn).
Clovelly Parish Council were represented by Messrs A Aust, S Nicholls (also representing Clovelly Estate Co), W Goaman, V Stoneman.
Others attending included: Mr and Mrs C Nicholls (chairman, Hartland deanery ringers, also representing Mr B Mountjoy), Mr and Mrs E Green, Mr and Mrs A Beer, Mr and Mrs F C Littlejohns, Mr and Mrs Chubb, Mr and Mrs H Conibear, Mr and Mrs A Bealey, Mr and Mrs G Andrews, Mr and Mrs R Westlake, Mr and Mrs J Westaway, Mr and Mrs K Wonacott, Mr and Mrs L Symons, Mr and Mrs J Walter, Mr and Mrs J Symons, Mr and Mrs J Harding, Mr and Mrs G Lewis, Mr and Mrs C Colwill, Mr and Mrs T Squire, Mr and Mrs W Jewell, Mr and Mrs Souch, Mr and Mrs F Jewell, Mr and Mrs J Shackson, Mr and Mrs L Wonacott, Mr and Mrs S Cobbledick (also representing Mrs W Wonacott), Mr and Mrs P Bridgeman.
Messrs E Poole (also representing Alwington bell ringers), R Blight (also representing Buckland Brewer bell ringers), T Tallin (also representing Monkleigh bell ringers), R Chapple (also representing Woolsery bell ringers), R Weeks (also representing North Devon Farmers), R E Glover (also representing Glidden and Squire), W J Gorrell, P Symons (also representing Mr T Stanbury), R Tridgell (also representing K Braund and the Athletic Club), Babb, G T Braund, A Cory, F Grills, H Taylor (also representing Mrs E Daniel), G Wonnacott (also representing Mr Cory, auctioneer), W Squire, W Daniel, W Headon, W E Johns, F Daniel, L Middle, N Headon, J Cottle, M Jeffery, R Cann, L May, J Glover, T Moore, A Manning (Buckland Brewer), W Perkin (Buckland Filleigh), H Chiddley, K Braund (Westward Ho!), P Lee, P Littlejohns (also representing Mr P Smith), F Bradd, P Beckley, A Hill, Balsdon, F May, R Moore, J Oke, K Davey, Albert Jeffery, R Johns, J Lees, A Jeffery, N Harding, K Heard, L Harding, G Heard, L Cann, K Allin, C Jenkins, Cleave, A Heard, W Evans, S Wonnacott, F Cloke, J Cook, W Braund, D Wade, M Braund, E Cole, C Shackson, J Foley, C Jeffery, P Glover, E May, G Smith.
Hon Mrs K Rous, Mesdames A Jewell, P Brown, J Vanstone, A O’Connell (also representing Mr and Mrs W Pengilly), M Westlake, K Westlake, C Johns, Johns, F Robins, C Prance, S Metherell, B Heard, D Vaggers, E Daniel, M Buckley, Clarke (Velly), R Robertson, J Searles, M Morris, F Cleave, B Burrow, G Kelly, A M Jones, P Wade, M May, R Bailey, L Withecombe, K M Stoneman (Buck Cross) and Dark.
Funeral arrangements were by Mr A C Perkins.
The full Gazette article is dated 18 May 1973

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