CommemorativeA Selection of Commemorative News Articles

  • 1 Coronation - Putford - 1937

    Putford Church bells will be rung at intervals throughout Coronation day, when all the parishioners will participate with true

  • 2 Coronation - Parkham - 1937

    Public subscriptions amounting to £40 have been raised at Parkham and a varied programme of events will be enjoyed.

  • 3 Coronation - Westward Ho! - 1937

    To-morrow, when Westward Ho! joins in the Empire wide celebrations of the Coronation, local history will, in a certain sense

  • 4 Hospital Decorated for Coronation 1937

    At Bideford Hospital gay decorations in the wards commemorated Coronation Day and the patients were each given

  • 5 Coronation - Clovelly - 1937

    Parishioners of Clovelly are sending a telegram of loyalty and good wishes to the King to-morrow as part of their Coronation

  • 6 Coronation - Bucks Cross - 1937

    Parishioners of Bucks Cross are going to celebrate the Coronation in true spirit. The Committee responsible

  • 7 Coronation - Woolsery - 1937

    Fifteen sports events for children and fourteen events for adults at 2.45pm and 6pm respectively are among the principal

  • 8 Coronation Letter From the Mayor

    To the Editor of the "Bideford Weekly Gazette"
    Dear Sir, I am sending you herewith for publication

  • 9 Coronation - Abbotsham - 1937

    Coronation Day will commence early at Abbotsham where a service will be held in the Church at 8am.

  • 10 Coronation - Appledore - 1937

    At Appledore, Coronation Day will be gala day indeed for the children, who are especially being catered for.

  • 11 1911 Coronation Medals in Bideford

    I went to see Mr David Wright about the Westward Ho! Railway exhibition and during our conversation he produced this medal.

  • 12 Coronation - Northam - 1937

    The pealing of the Church Bells, at an early hour, will let residents of Northam know that the great day has arrived

  • 13 Coronation - Alwington - 1937

    Arrangements have been made at Alwington for all to listen-in to the broadcast of the Coronation Ceremony

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