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  • 1 The fight for emancipation

  • 2 Seafield House or "The Spooky House"

    Built around 1885

  • The fight for emancipation

    Why did women need the vote? Fight for emancipation

    1856 – Eliza Honey, a widow aged 25 and with a 5-month old baby, took on the running of ‘The Bideford Weekly Gazette and Devon and Cornwall Advertiser’.

    1859 – 1st female doctor is registered

    When parliamentary reform was being debated in 1867, John Stuart Mill proposed an amendment that would have given the vote to women on the same terms as men but it was rejected by 194 votes to 73.

    1869 – women who pay property tax can vote in some elections
    1878 – London University allows women to graduate
    1881/82 – Married women

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  • Seafield House or "The Spooky House"

    Built around 1885

    Seafield House - Westward Ho!

    seafield house

    The house on the cliff edge known locally as ‘Spooky House’ or even ‘Haunted House’ was built about 1885. The road was especially built to enable access to the house and was initially known as Seafield Road; later it became Merley Road.

    The house was built as a summer residence by Brinsley de Courcey Nixon
    (5 May 1825-18 April 1903) whose occupation on the 1881 Census was a ‘banker’ from London. Of Irish and Scottish descent he was born in Edinburgh and died in 1903 whilst on holiday at Seafield. There were 4 children from his

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