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  • 1 Bomb unit comb wreck

    Welcombe Mouth

  • 2 Too many bachelors

    5 September 1958

  • 3

    25 June 1918

  • 4 Upcott Cross

    30 September 1960

  • Bomb unit comb wreck

    Welcombe Mouth

    Bomb unit again comb wreck after AA shell cases are washed up 17th May 1968

    bomb unit

    A naval bomb disposal unit from Plymouth visited the North Devon beauty spot, Welcombe Mouth, to comb for the third time the wreck of the Norwegian vessel "Sjophina".

    The rusted reamins of the ship, which was driven on the rocks at the north end of the Mouth in 1944 are uncovered only a few times each year at low water of high spring tides.

    6 pom-pom shell cases and a machine gund shell case were picked up by the squad during the couple of hours

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  • Too many bachelors

    5 September 1958

    ‘Disillusioned’ are the men of Welcombe, or so it is claimed.

    5.9.1958 Welcombe

    Disillusioned because they say there is an acute shortage of women of marriageable age in the area, and no immediate hope that the position will change. “There are twenty men here chasing four girls” said one farm worker gloomily to a Bideford Gazette representative, adding that Welcombe had more than its fair share of bachelors between the ages of 30-50. “Even when we do get into town there is too much competition” added the farm worker. “There the girls seem to prefer the town boys and Army camp fellows,

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  • 25 June 1918


    25.6.1918 Welcombe

    The Wesleyan Sunday School anniversary was conducted by Mr F Rogers, of Woolsery. The attendance was very good, the chapel being crowded in the evening.
    On the following Thursday a pubic tea was provided for children and visitors. Mrs Dennis and Miss D Oke presided at the tables, assisted by Misses E Ward, B Oke and A Oliver. Mr C Howard presided at the evening meeting. The scholars recited admirably, and Rev P Callier’s practical and instructive address was much enjoyed. Mr C Hedden gave the report of the school, also stating that Mr M Gay, of Merthyr Tydvil,

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  • Upcott Cross

    30 September 1960

    Welcombe shelter for five-year-old

    Bideford Rural Council are to give their support to an application by Mr W J Pengilly, of Oakley Farm, Upcott, Welcombe, for permission to erect a small shelter at Upcott Cross in which his five-year-old daughter can wait for the school bus. This was decided at the Council’s meeting on Tuesday when it was reported that the site of the proposed shelter was roadside waste belonging to Devon County Council.

    The Rural Council’s permission is subject to no cost being borne by them, and to Mr Pengilly indemnifying them against any possible claims. It was also

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