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The second social evening in aid of the Buckland Brewer Nursing Association was again on Wednesday last an unqualified success, the parish room, as on the first occasion, being crowded.

19.3.1918 Buckland Brewer

Highly diverting round games, songs, duets, etc. occupied the first part of the evening, the efficient vocalists being Mrs Rogers, Mrs Heale, Miss Fulford, Miss Steer, Miss Heale, Miss Yeo, Miss Smale, Capt Figgens, Mr C Hookway, Mr Tucker (Post Office), and Mr Ede. In her inimitable manner Miss Tucker gave an irresistible reading entitled ‘The Three Sillies’. After an interval for refreshments dancing was indulged in, the able pianists being Miss Clements and Miss Tucker. The whole proceedings were marked with much enthusiasm and vigour, due to the assiduous and painstaking Committee, of which the esteemed and genial squire, Mr Rogers, Orleigh Court, is the Chairman. As a result of these record gatherings the Association will be materially benefited as the whole of the provisions were kindly given by the lady members of the Committee. Although invidious to particularize, the bountiful and practical generosity of Mr and Mrs Rogers contributed very substantially to the unique and successful occasions.
Gazette article dated 19 March 1918

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