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‘I plead guilty, although it was no fault of mine’ wrote John Colwill, of Ford Farm, Hartland, when he was summoned before Bideford Magistrates on Tuesday for allowing seven yearling cattle to stray on the Hartland-Baxworthy Cross road on January 30th.

4.3.1955 Hartland cattle

Police Constable Richards told the Bench the cattle were straying a mile from Colwill’s farm. Defendant’s son had said the cattle had been in the orchard and had admitted there was no fence at the top of the road bank. Witness added that he found a path of some standing down over the bank to the road.
In a letter to the Bench, Colwill stated the yearlings had not been in the orchard – he and his son had each thought the other had pastured them there – but had been in the farmyard. The cattle had strayed because someone had left the yard gate open.
The magistrates imposed a fine of 10s.
Gazette article dated 4 March 1955

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