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When Mr and Mrs John Slee, of Highbury, Buckland Brewer, celebrated with a family gathering their golden wedding anniversary last week there were also present the two bridesmaids and the best man.

2.2.1973 Slee Golden Wedding Buckland Brewer

The bridesmaids were Mr Slee’s sister, Mrs Ivy Brimacombe, of Putford, and the bride’s cousin, Mrs Edna Sawle, of Westward Ho! The best man was Mr Slee’s brother Leslie, who farms Sedborough, Parkham.
The wedding was at Kilkhampton, the bride being Miss Emily Elliott, who was born at Woolsery. Mr Slee was born at Bitworthy but grew up at Sedborough which his father farmed. On their wedding they took over Halsbury, near Buckland. Halsbury has a centuries old history. At one window place there is the date 1659 but parts of the building are thought to be even older.
Mr Slee, whose activity nowadays is largely limited to the house in winter, is 77 and his wife is 74.
During his active farming days Mr Slee built up the family interest in Devon cattle and a flock of Devon longwools, and years ago also took a pride in his shire horses. Over the years his stock won many prizes particularly at Woolsery Show. Mr Slee has served on the committee of that show for over 50 years.
Retiring 10 years ago to their bungalow home, Mr and Mrs Slee were followed at Halsbury by their sons, Andrew and Bryant, farming in partnership.
It was at Halsbury that the celebration gathering was held.
Gazette article dated 2 February 1973

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