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Sharp reception for council's letter 6th April 1962

Sharp receptionNortham Urban Council were accused of having an "I am the dictator" attitude by Mr Horace Ford, Chairman of Northam Burrows Committee, when the committee decided to write to Minister of Housing and Local Government to obtain more information concerning the transfer of the lease of the Burrows with the manorial rights from the Royal North Devon Golf Club to Northam Council.

The Council have still to decide how they will carry out the day-to-day administration of the Burrows but, as Mr Richards (R.N.D.G.C. Steward of the Manor) thought they would like to have some idea of this before the meeting.

If the Council interfere with the grazing then we shall have to step down on them, said Mr H Hodgkins "the trouble is that we have been too weak in the past

At the last Manor Court meeting the secretary Mr Harold Ford brought up the fact that all negotiations were going on.  Mr J Harknett had tried to co-operate with the Burrows Committee and it seemed useless.

The committee decided to write to Northam Council and the Royal North Devon Golf Club about the question of contributing towards the repair of Pebble Ridge, damaged by severe gales and rough seas.


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