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For over 20 years a Parkham District nurse, Mrs Isabella Melvin, SRN, SCM, a Queen’s Nurse, of ‘The Bays’, Horns Cross, died on Friday at the age of 60.

1961 Parkham Mrs W Melvin

Mrs Melvin was the wife of Mr Wilfred Melvin, and had lived in the parish for 23 years. Her services were deeply appreciated and she will be mourned by many as a friend.
The memorial service in St James’ Church, Parkham, was conducted by the Rector, Rev J E Lynn, and Mr M Chubb was at the organ. Cremation was at Colwyn Bay, Denbighshire.
Principal mourners were: the husband; Mrs Campbell; Mr and Mrs Walter, Mrs Huxtable, Miss Walter, Mr G Walters, F Brock, Miss Reynolds (also representing Dr Doyle and headquarters staff), Miss Archer, Miss Kerrick, Miss Broad, Miss Farley.
Bearers were Messrs F Ellis, P Lang, A Dean and R Yarde.
Others attending included: Sergeant and Mrs Spry, Mr and Mrs J Turner (representing Mr and Mrs Freeman), Mr and Mrs Manger, Mr and Mrs A D Pickard, Mr and Mrs H Ley, Mr and Mrs H Chubb, Mr and Mrs Slee, Messrs P Mitchell (representing North Devon Farmers Ltd), G Heywood (also representing Mr J Steer), W George, W Jenkins, T Andrew, J Wickett, A Jewell, Mesdames Jewell, F Ley, T Rowe, J George, Hockridge, R Brent, R Hill (also representing Mr and Mrs Wilcox), A Stoneman SRN, F M Stoneman (also representing Mr and Mrs W Glover), A Dean, W Colwill, C Rowe, A Ley, J Chubb, S Metheral, E Ackland, T Hockin, F Adams, L Hockin, F Poole, E Poole, A Daniel (representing the staff of Parkham School), J E Lynn, F Sines, G Hill, F Collins, Misses L Turner (Hoops), J George (Cabbacotts), H Jewell, E Dunn and many others.
Floral tributes were from: Wilfred: members of the North Devon branch of Royal College of Midwives; colleagues, Bideford Group; Mrs Teague and Mrs Osbourn; Dr Doyle, Miss Reynolds and staff of HQ Exeter; F Brock; Connie, Eric, Jim and Percy Mitchell; neighbours at Abbotsham; Mr and Mrs R Hill, Tome and Edith White; Ken and Ellen; Margaret and Christine; Iris, Bill and Kay; Greta and Roger; Mr and Mrs E R Walter and family.
Funeral arrangements were by Trapnells Ltd, High Street, Bideford

Gazette article is dated 13 January 1961

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