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Father Christmas stepped out of a chimney to hand out presents for all the children attending the East Yelland Power Station Social Club’s annual Christmas party on Thursday of last week.

1958 Yelland Power Station Christmas

Father Christmas was Mr T Dipple, of Bideford, and the chimney had been temporarily ‘built in’ with screening against one of the walls.
A tea for the children was paid for out of Social Club funds.
There were about 60 children present. They were children of the employees with the exception of a group specially invited from a Barnstaple children’s home. Mothers of those children who were aged up to five years were invited to attend.
This party was for children aged up to 10 years. On the previous day the Social Club had provided a thrill for employees’ children from 10 to school leaving age. This party of 66 children went on a trip to Exeter pantomime.

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