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Christmas Shopping

1937 Suspension of Shops Act

The Home Secretary has made an Order under the Shops (Hours of Closing) Act, 1928, suspending the operation throughout, England and Wales of the provisions of that Act relating to general closing hours from Saturday December 18th to Friday December 24 1937, both days inclusive, but excluding Sunday December 19 1937.
This Order has also the effect of suspending the operation during the period in question of evening Closing Orders made under the Shops Act 1912. It does not, however, suspend the operation of the provisions relating to the closing of shops on the weekly half-holiday, and a shopkeeper will not therefore be entitled to remain open on the weekly half-holiday before Christmas, except under the conditions laid down in the Act of 1912.
Nor does the Order in any way affect the operation of the provisions of the 1912 and 1934 Acts relating to the shop assistants’ half-holiday and the regulation of hours of young persons.
The provisions of the Licensing Act in regard to the sale of intoxicating liquor will not be affected.

Gazette article is dated 7 December 1937

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