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Damaged homes left behind

17th September 1940

damaged homes left behindFrom the bombed areas of London and the south-east coast have come in scores of people to seek haven in this part of the Westcountry.

Some have come under the official schemes - such as mothers with young children - others have come because they have relations or friends in these parts, and there are also those who have come quite unofficially.

Offers of shelter should be addressed to the Mayor of Bideford through the Chief Billeting Officer (Mr W J Langford), Town Hall, Bideford.

Mrs R I Smith, of Peckham, has come with her family of five, two of whom were already in Bideford as evacuees under the government scheme.  "Its not war-fare, its murder" declares Mrs Deverill, also of Peckham, who is staying at Chircombe, Northam.

From West Ham, Mrs I Jude, staying at 4, Church Walk, Bideford, said just at the back of her house, which had its windows blown out, there was a time bomb.  When they left it had not gone off.  They had had no real sleep for nearly a fortnight.

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