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All members of Buckland Brewer Young Farmers’ Club, the four brothers Poole between them took six awards at the Torridge Group of YFC’s annual ploughing match at Hankford, Bulkworthy, on Friday.

1959 Buckland Brewer YFC

David, who lives at Moorpark, Alwington, took first prize in the junior spar-making competition and third in the junior hydraulic ploughing.
John, who lives with Michael and Norman, at Stretchacott Frithelstock, recorded a double first in the senior hydraulic ploughing and senior spar-making events. Michael and Norman took second places in the senior hydraulic ploughing and junior spar-making competitions respectively.
Group members – Trailer ploughs – C Johns, Shebbear; C Bellew, Bradworthy; D Adams, Little Torrington; V Quance, Bradworthy; D Poole, Buckland Brewer; J Poole, Buckland Brewer; M Poole, Buckland Brewer; B Stevens, Buckland Brewer.
Open – Hydraulic ploughing – H A Geatches, Crediton, R J Bulled, Cheriton Fitzpaine; R Taylor, Putford. General purpose ploughing – J H Nott, Thorverton; W H Bulled, Cheriton Fitzpaine; T H Kift, Braunton. Digger ploughs – J Westaway, Clovelly; R W Tapp, South Molton; E Chidley, Sutcombe.
Hedge repairing, junior – M Ward, Bradworthy; D Quance, Bradworthy; B Furse, Bradworthy.
Hedge repairing, senior - G Williams, Hartland; A Goaman, Hartland; B Bellaires, Bradworthy.
Spar-making, junior – D Poole, Buckland Brewer; N Poole, Buckland Brewer; E Grigg, Buckland Brewer. Spar-making, senior – J Poole, Buckland Brewer; S Hockridge, Buckland Brewer.
Clay pigeon shooting – V Schiller; E Bailey; E Slocombe

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