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A Postman's Pilgrimage - 1975

A Postman's Pilgrimage

All along the route of his pilgrimage to Buckland Brewer on Tuesday in the steps of Bideford's 19th century postman-poet Edward Capern, postman Fred Fuzzens, of Windsor, was greeted by people coming out of their homes to shake his hand and wish him well. At Buckland, children from the village school specially assembled to greet him. Mr Fuzzens, who was wearing a postman's town uniform of the 1860s, read to them Capern's poem "The Rural Postman" and commented on some of the local references in it. Mr and Mrs Tom Boullier, of the sub-post office, entertained him to lunch.

The journey to Buckland did not trouble him for he often walks up to 20 miles a day. It made him appreciate all the more, however, Capern's 13-mile stint which was not along roads as he himself had done it, but across fields, streams and stiles and carrying a heavy bag. Mr Fuzzens was seen off from Bideford Head Post office by the Postmaster Mr Bert Inglis and bu the Mayor of Bideford, Mr Stan Short.
On Wednesday, still wearing the old uniform, he visited Capern's grave at Heanton Punchardon, and the house where he died in Braunton. He returns home today. A devoted Capern fan, he said it would be a time in his life he would always remember. In our picture Mr Fuzzens is seen with Bideford postman, Mr John Mounce, of Lime Grove.


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