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Most of the villagers of Buckland Brewer turned out on Friday night to see a bonfire and fireworks display organised by the village Boys’ Club.

Buckland bonfire 1958

The display, the first of its kind held there, heralded Buckland Brewer’s celebration of National Boys’ Club Week.
A part of the funds raised by clubs all over the country during the week goes to the Boys’ Club General Headquarters, the remainder going to the individual clubs.
Friday’s gathering was held in Mr Percy Heal’s field. A 10 foot bonfire was lit. Members of the Buckland Club gathered material for the bonfire, some given by local farmers and took two afternoons to build it.
At the fireworks display, organised by Rear-Admiral G H Stokes, leader of the Buckland Boys’ Club. members collected among the crown for funds.
A social was held on Saturday night in Buckland Brewer Parish Room and a whist drive was organised at The Glen, home of Rear-Admiral Stokes, on Wednesday. A dance at the Parish Room, tonight will end this year’s boys’ club week for Buckland.

Gazette article dated 31 October 1958

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