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Two governors of Bideford Grammar School said yesterday that they are prepared to put £1,000 each towards the possible purchase of just over half an acre of land which they say should be made available to the school for playing field space.

1972 BGS purchase of land
And if they can get sufficient support from other local people, they will be making a bid for the land at a public auction at Bideford next Tuesday. 
One of the governors concerned, Mr Peter Fletcher, who is chairman of the governing body, told the Gazette ‘We don’t want the land ourselves – all we are trying to do is to buy time for the County Council to think again about what is a scandalous situation’.
The parcel of land concerned is sandwiched between the Love Lane allotments and the Moreton Park housing estate and is being offered for auction by the Devon and Cornwall police authority with outline permission for three pairs of semi-detached houses. 
Plans have also been made to utilise the Love Lane allotments site, an area of just under three acres which is owned by the John Andrew Dole Trustees and which is now the subject of negotiations between them and the County Council for a long-term lease. Ald. Jack Fulford, secretary of the John Andrew Trustees, said they were anxious to do all they could to make sure that future pupils at the comprehensive school would have the playing field area they needed....
1972 BGS purchase of land
The full Gazette article is dated 27 October 1972. 


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