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Work on Westward Ho! coast protection 21st October 1949

Work on coast protectionCoast protection work at Westward Ho! was to commence as soon as possible, Northam Urban District Council were told at their meeting.  The preliminary work will involve the construction of groynes for the protection of the gap at the south end of the Pebbleridge and filling in with pebbles removed from the accumulation to the south-west.

Clerk, Mr F W Hockaday reported the firm were ready to start the work.  Mr G W G Hutchings said he was pleased to note something is being done.   Mr T Fulford complained that the council were "rather in the air" at the moment as to how much money they would have to find themselves.  Mr H V Cope asked if it was not time the Ministry were told the work was about to commence on the coast erosion scheme and asked how much grant would be forthcoming.

Rev A E Green asked how much would the council be prepared to pay, he was not hoping for much more than a 75 per cent grant.

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