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Recommendation by the Housing and Public Health Committee that an application for variation of planning consent to permit permanent occupation of chalets at the Golden Bay Hotel, Westward Ho! for Mr D R Norris, would be recommended for refusal was rejected by Northam Urban Council.

1962 WHo new estate

Instead it was agreed that a sub-committee should inspect the chalets although the Rev A E Green pointed out that every member of the Council had been invited to do so. ‘If they are interested enough they can see them, and if they are not that is that’ he said.

When the committee recommended that an outline application for building sites at Avon Lane-Beach Road, Westward Ho! for Mr E C Poynter, be deferred for more details to be obtained, several members protested. A move by Mr V F Bowyer to get the matter discussed in private also failed. Such matters were normally discussed in committee, Mr Bowyer said ‘so that we can get our facts straight and safeguard ourselves and others’. The Surveyor, Mr H J Bishop, said that the application was for 60 plots, with six per acre. Each would have a 50ft frontage. There would be an access into Beach Road and another into Avon Lane and the road would have to be made up. A more detailed layout would have to be submitted, he said, but he could see no objection to the proposal. The Council accepted the layout plan.

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