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Victory for sewage into sea opponents 20th June 1969  Sewerage

victory for sewage into sea opponentsThe "Gazette" understands that the drainage scheme that will probably be adopted by Bideford Town and Northam Urban Councils, prompted by Devon County Council, will involve a partial treatment works sited adjacent to Northam Burrows.

This is in spite of the fact that Devon River Authority and the County Planning Committee would prefer a sea outfall, which would cost £5,000 less a year to operate than a landbased scheme.

The councils are likely to be swayed by the fact that Major G Lomas, Cornborough, who owns Abbotsham Cliffs where a sea outfall would be constructed, is implacably opposed to the idea.

News that the sea outfall scheme had, as he phrased it, "gone for a burton" was given to the town council at their meeting on Tuesday by Cllr J W Needs.  The town clerk, Mr L B Galliford, had said that any report at this stage would be premature.  Cllr G Armstrong pointed out that the next meeting of the council was not until July.

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