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Northam Council press on with sewage into sea plan 11.08.1967

Northam council press on with sewage into sea planIt needed 2 votes from the chairman, Mrs E M Hilder, to prevent Northam Urban Council referring back to the Housing and Public Health Committee a recommendation that for the proposed new sewerage scheme negotiations to continue with Bideford Town Council for an extended sea outfall either at Rocks Nose or at Abbotsham Cliffs.

Submitting the report, the committee chairman, Mr A C Saunders, referred to a study on the Lubeck process widely circulated by a rate payer, Major G A Wilde.  The consultants, he said, felt that much of the information it contained was "misleading".

Proposing that the recommendation be referred back, Mr R F Hill said that the people in this locality were living in a effluent rather than an affluent society.  As a fighter for lost causes, said Mr R H K Evers, he admired Major Wilde's doggedness.   Brigadier T P Keene said that he had been impressed by the possibilities of the Lubeck process.

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