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Dial a band scheme by Appledore musicians 26th October 1973

Dial a band scheme by Appledore musiciansAppledore local band has come up with a unique idea which they hope will not only bring pleasure to themselves but bring delight to many music lovers who are housebound and unable to hear "live" music.

The scheme "dial a band" will come into operation this winter.  Anyone locally wishing to hear the sound of a real brass band will have only to pick up a telephone and the band will come to them.

The scheme is the idea of the band's musical director, Mr Fred Pickering of Westward Ho! who is a former Salvation Army bandmaster.

All 24 members needed new instruments, said bandmaster Mr Arthur Boyles- one of their bass instruments was more than 100 years old.

The company's band, then restricted to bugles and drums, developed under the guidance of local haridresser Mr Howard Matthews to brass band status and when the Boys' Brigade company folded up, the band continued as a town band.  Names in photograph not given.

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