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Torrington Company of Cavaliers to join the Hunt

1970 Torrington

So far the Torrington Company of Cavaliers have been very much a ‘shanks’ pony brigade’ but on Saturday they plan to be mounted and ready to play their part in adding to the splash of colour in Torrington Square on Boxing Day when the traditional meet of Torrington Farmers’ Hunt is held there.Will all the Cavaliers be joining the Hunt on Boxing Day? ‘Only the more proficient’ says Company Captain, Mr Laurie Alexander, guardedly. Because only two of the Cavaliers had been on a horse before, it was thought prudent to have what might be called a trial ride to see how they shaped. There was one moment when one of the horses, imagining perhaps that its ancestors must have been one of Prince Rupert’s troop, broke into a gallop which had its rider, Water Board engineer Percy Rook, clutching its neck.

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