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Representatives from many spheres of county and local life attended the funeral service at Bideford Parish Church on Monday for Sir Hugh N G Stucley, Bart. to whose death at the age of 83 at his Bideford home, Moreton, reference was made in last week’s issue.

1956 Hugh Stucley Funeral

Sir Hugh, who was Bideford’s senior honorary freeman, had upheld a family tradition of long and valued service to the community. For generations the family has been connected with the borough and had held land in Devon for close on 1,000 years.
The fourth baronet, succeeding to the title in 1927, he is followed by his eldest son, Major Dennis F B Stucley, of Hartland Abbey, who is prominently associated with public work.
Official flags were flown at half-mast at Bideford. Members of the Corporation attended the service wearing their robes. The borough maces were tied with black ribbon and members of the Council wore black rosettes.
Cremation followed at Plymouth, and later the ashes are to be scattered on the moor near Affeton Castle which the family has held for 600 years.
At Sir Hugh’s special request there were no public flowers at the funeral but flowers blooming in tribute in the autumn sunshine in the beautiful garden at Moreton which he created. One wreath rested on the coffin.
The service was conducted by the Rector of Bideford, Preb J A Durling. Mr J R Trigger was at the organ.
Family mourners attending were: Major D F B Stucley and the Hon Mrs S M W Stucley; Com J H Stucley and Mrs J Stucley; Priscilla Countess Zamoyska; Mr Bernard Stucley; Mrs Gerald Hohler and Viscountess Boyne; Count Zigmunt Zamoyski; Mr Peter Stucley; Mr Gerald Hohler. Mrs E F Northmore was unable to attend and was represented by her husband, Mr J G L Northmore.
Bearers were tenants and employers from the family estates at Hartland, Moreton and Affeton: Messrs J G Cork, T Dymond, T Allin, T Prouse, A Tonkin and R E Keener.
Bideford Corporation walked in procession to the service preceded by Police Inspector R M Rundle and escorted by the Town Crier, Mr W Benson Hutton, and the mace bearers, Messrs R F Beer and W Dennis. Accompanying the Mayor, Cllr J H Sharley, were: Aldermen F E Whiting, W E Ellis, W H Chubb, T A Goaman, R L Cock, W H Copp, Mrs E M Cox, E D Williams, A E Fulford (also representing Mr G C Hayter Hames), G A Ellis, W G Lee, Mr F C Backway (also representing Mr C A Grant, Mr H J Denne, Mr A E TNetting and Miss M E Jenkinson. The Mayoress of Bideford, Mrs J H Sharley, was accompanied by Mrs W H Copp. With Messrs R B Blackmore and N H Chope, representing the Bideford Magistrates was Mr Burton, an honorary freeman.
Lord Fortescue was represented by Brigadier W R Reid. Others present included: Sir Philip and Lady du Cros, Mr L E Brown (representing the Hon George Lambert), Mr F W Beer, Mr M W Richards (also representing Mr G Crowther), Capt G F Stevens-Guille, Mr C R Peel, Mr W E Bartlett (representing Stucley House, Bideford Grammar School), W J Capel, J H Hibberd, A G Cox, P Lucas, J Stephenson, R Perkins, R Crowther, Mr T Anstey (representing Bideford Conservative Club and Mr Anthony Royle), Lieut R O Bridger (representing Bideford Sea Cadet Unit), Messrs W R Keates (representing Mr W Langdon), A Baglow (representing North Devon Farmers Ltd and Mr G Heywood), W J Oxenham (representing the former Bideford Electricity Company), A J Stephens (representing Stephens, Brain and Co), R H Cade, D J Madge, H Bennet (representing Baker and Sons), Lieut-Col and Mrs R D D Birdwood (representing Bideford Horse Show, and Major and Mrs Eric Flint), C Morris, Cyril Cox, G W Sice (representing E W S Bartlett’s), P J V Fulford (representing G Boyle Ltd), Lieut-Com H B Drury (representing T L Hamlyn and Son), Leonard Braund, G E Austen (representing National Provincial Banks and Mr E H Gaud).
Major and Mrs O B Hall Hall, Col and Mrs T Gracey, Mr and Mrs C H Chichester, Mahor and Mrs C H Young, Mr C T Braddick, Mr and Mrs B G Lampard-Vachell, Mr and Mrs P Brooks, Mr and Mr J P Cork, Mr and Mrs G Huxtable, Mr and Mrs S Bate, Mr and Mrs A Stevens, Mr and Mrs L J Stanbury, Mr and Mrs T Colwill, Mr and Mrs F C Balsdon, Mr and Mrs P Boustred, Mr and Mrs R Hooper, Mr and Mrs H E S Baylis, Mr and Mrs H V Cope, Mr and Mrs J H P Williams.
Rear-Admiral H G C Franklin, Capt C G C Sumner, Col D Macpherson, Major G N Atkinson, Major A J Garland, Major L W Bennet, Dr M W Littlewood (also representing Dr T O Candler), Capt the Hon Denys Scott (also representing Mr R Maunsell).
Messres J D G Fortescue, F G Smyth-Richards, G R Smyth-Richards, H W Fulford, O W Ward, John Heywood, G and W Dennis, A B Medland, R R Tucker, W H Rowe, W J Redclift, S C Gilbard, R G Ayre, F J Webber, H Luxton, T Short, A T Pickard, Eli Cox, R W Curtis, W D French, A R Allin, C J Hurman, R Wickham, T P Tucker, A H Vousden, J H Lowther, A G Heywood, W J Oke, W H Perkins, E Beer, G Lloyd-Rees, A Pridham, T Anstey (also representing Mr J A P A Martin), M F Lee, A K Chope (also representing Mr R Harper), A Johns, F Jones, W Ridge, J Higman, J Allen, L Finch, W J Heard, R Dennis, W H Jeffery, J B Langdon, F Sanders, E Stapledon, W J Keenor, R Keenor, C W M Turner, S Fogarty, R A Bissett, G Guthrie, G Littlejohns, S Littlejohns, A J Brooks.
Mesdames E Boileau (also representing Major Boileau and Lady Spencer Smith), F Campbell (also representing Sir John Chichester), C F Portman (representing Mrs Oliver), J A Durling, J Latham, E C Dipstale, J A Turner, J I Baker, Braund (also representing Mrs Juby), Pearce (also representing Mrs Branton), Lewis, A Dymond, G Brown.
Misses G S Champion de Crespigny, Kingsbury, K Foden, M Smith, M E Abbott, M Prouse, Rouse, Brangwin, E M Phillips , V Evans.
Funeral arrangements were by Trapnells Ltd.

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