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Schoolgirls from many lands

schoolgirls from many landsThe above charming group of girls from many lands was taken the other day at the Stella Maris Convent School, Bideford, on the occasion of the feast day held in honour of the Reverend Mother.

Girls starting at the back with Marion Pringle; Emma Ritter; Munira Gatami; Yvette Stragier; Felicity Baker; Beatrice Van Waes; Maria Massaquoi; Cecelia de Yanes; Suzanne Froozan; Brenda Alcala; Danielle Caproni; Rositta Aidinzantz; Sylvia Sagrario; Frieda Diponogoro; Jessie Dreyfuss; Cynthia Behnan and Ajibabi Dekalu.


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