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Fifty years’ service to the community in a variety ways; that is the record of Mr William Joslin, of West Living Farm, Westleigh, who has just resigned from Barnstaple Rural Council, of which he was the ‘father’.

1960 William Joslin

Although in his 85th year, mentally he is as alert as ever, is steadily recovering from a major operation which he underwent last June and he is still serving.
His most important contribution to the welfare of his fellows has been as a farmer, and it still is, for he continues to farm 135 acres at West Living as he has done since the turn of the century. Not long afterwards he became manager of the village school, which then had between 60 and 70 on the roll. He has seen the numbers decline until now there are barely 40 but his interest has not diminished.
So busy a life demanded relaxation and that Mr Joslin found on the bowling green. He was introduced to the game at a younger age, perhaps, than most when, early in the century, his uncle had a green made at his home. In 1910, at his uncle’s silver wedding celebrations, he won a tournament – and a pair of bowling shoes – and afterwards carried off many trophies as a county player. He and his two brothers achieved fame locally as veterans.

Gazette article 16 September 1960

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