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Deeds of the riverside land that he gave to the town to commemorate the addition of his name to the roll of honorary freemen were formally handed over by Sir Dennis Stucley at Monday’s meeting of Bideford Town Council.

February 1971 Sir Dennis Stucley hands over deeds

Sir Dennis, who is a former Mayor of Bideford, told members that he was glad that they were prepared to take over this area of the East-the-Water coast of Bideford. He felt that in the future it would be of great value to the borough. He recalled that almost 40 years ago he offered to dedicate the Spekes Mill area of Hartland, with its waterfall and access to the beach, to Devon County Council. They said they had no interest at that time in access to the sea and turned down the offer. ‘I am delighted’ Sir Dennis told the Mayor (Cllr Clarrie Metherell), ‘that your Council are prepared to accept this with a view to the future, even if at present the future is not very clear’.
Perhaps not everyone who loved his home town was also able to serve its people and to give something tangible to it. For him this was a happy moment.
Accepting the 8¾ acres with gratitude on behalf of the borough, the Mayor said he was sure that some future council would have ideas as to the use to which the land could be put.

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