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Parkham Parish Hall nears completion 30th November 1956

Parkham Parish Hall nears completion 30.11.1956

What promises to be one of the most attractive parish halls in the area is now well on the way to completion next door to the village school at Parkham.

Mr G A Jacob, who is Chairman of the Parish Hall Committee said first moves towards a Parish Hall were made in 1942 when a committee was formed as a result of a public meeting and a number of auction sales of gifts were held during a Savings Week and the proceeds invested.

The architect is Mr J H D Wickham, Bideford and the contractors, Messrs Day, Gale and Lamey, of Northam.  Other officers of the Parish Hall Committee, in addition to the Chairman, Mr Jacob, are Miss M M Jacob who is Secretary, and Mr G M Honey, Treasurer.

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