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Appledore builds Dover tug


1957 Appledore Diligent Tug

First diesel powered tug the Dover Harbour Board has ever purchased was launched from the Appledore shipyard of Messrs P K Harris and Sons early on Tuesday morning.  The Board's present tugs are powered by steam.

Built on the now familiar hydroconic design, the tug is the first of a contract of two to be built to the order of the Board.  A passenger tender for the Board is at present also undergoing final fitting-out at the shipyard.

The tug, which is 100 feet in length with a 25 foot beam, has twin screws and is powered by 1,200 horse power engines.

The naming ceremony, which was performed by Mrs E L Cook, wife of the Dover Harbour Master took place in brilliant sunshine.  Before smashing the bottle of champagne against the bows of the flag-bedecked tug, Mrs Cook declared: "I name this ship Diligent, May God bless her and all who sail in her."  Mrs Cook was presented with a bouquet by Miss Marjorie Harris, of the firm's office staff.

Scores of holiday-makers lined Appledore Quay to watch the Diligent slip into the river Torridge to the accompaniment of ships' sirens and workmen's cheers.

One of the shipyard employees, Mr Jack Griffiths, took precautions against being showered by champagne as he had to stand directly under the platform - he draped a raincoat over his head!

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