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Edgehill College Junior Sports - 19th June 1959

19.6.1959 Edgehill

Dr R A Cooper wins the sack race for fathers and Mrs Dorothy Cleaver won the obstacle race for mothers. The headmistress, Miss A M Shaw, distributed the prizes and was presented with a bouquet by Elizabeth Coham-Fleming.
Highest number of points: 11 years - Ann Vince, Penelope Mole. 10 years - Jane Bush, Margaret Heywood. 9 years - Celia Barfoot, Sally Doe. 8 years - Janine Trapnell, Elizabeth Cleaver. 7 years - Belinda Cross, Sarah Vincent. 6 years - Richard McKean, Elizabeth Spinks. 5 years - Robin Trapnell, Philip Cleaver.
Little visitors' race - Ann Stanbury.

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