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Eighty Eight Years - 6th May 1977

6.5.1977 Buckland Brewer Blight

Two Buckland Brewer brothers, Messrs Roy and Leonard Blight, are to receive long service agricultural certificates and tankards at Devon County Show.
Both are ringers at Buckland Parish Church, Roy being the Captain, and both play skittles. Roy, who is 60, lives at 1 Rolles Terrace, employed by Messrs F J Babb and Son, he has worked at Batsons for 47 years. Brother Leonard, two years's older, lives at Tower Hill and has worked for 41 years at Barton Farm where he is employed by Messrs G Heywood and Sons.
A certificate and tankard will also go to Mr Louis Oke of Worden Farm, Milton Damerel, employed by Mr W B Harris he has worked at Bountisthorne, East Putford, for 40 years. Another recipient is forestry worker Mr Terence Knight of 11 Forestry Houses, Holsworthy.

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