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Filled to capacity on first day

12.9.1958 Bideford Junior School

When 240 young children (including pupils from Littleham School closed at the end of last term) walked into Bideford’s new County Junior School off Coronation Road, Bideford, on the first day of term on Tuesday, they entered a £46,000 building which is said to be one of the most advanced in design in the country.

In the past this junior school, whose pupils are 7-11, occupied ground floor rooms of Bideford (Geneva) school with the Secondary Modern School in the remainder.

‘The complications that arise from that sort of arrangement are now non-existent as we are completely self-contained’ said the headmaster, Mr L J Stanbury.

The new junior school will be officially opened on November 5th by Mrs S M Prior-Palmer, of Worthing, a member of the Association of Education Committees and vice-chairman of the West Susses Education Committee. Her husband is MP for Worthing.

The full Gazette article is dated 12 September 1958

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