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Hardly a popular pastime during disappointing holiday weather

5.8.1960 Langtree school1

but it provides these children of Langtree School with an instructive hobby.

At noon every day during term time, the children take it in turns to note the rainfall and the maximum and minimum temperatures. Both rain gauge and thermometer were obtained only about a month ago and it is hoped to chart the individual recordings for each month.

Says Mr. R. A. Yeo Jenn, the Headmaster, "The children are always very enthusiastic about this task, which is very pleasing.”

As can be seen from the photograph – which, incidentally, was taken on the last day of the summer term – the amount of rain in the gauge is a typical example of what July brought.

The children are (left to right): Shirley Curtis, John Gerry, Robert Fisher, Susan Less, Pamela Ford and Patsy Sutton.

5.8.1960 Langtree school2

Article dated 5 August 1960

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