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To mark the 40th anniversary of first issue of Lundy stamps, there will be a new issue by the island of five values of stamps on November 1st.

17.10.1969 Lundy stamps

The stamps, depicting the transport of mails to and from the island, have been designed by Mr John Dyke, and printed by Messrs Bradbury, Wilkinson and Co., who printed the stamps of 1929, 1930, 1939, 1950 and 1957.

The price of the first day cover will be five shillings.

Four of the five new stamps are shown above. The 1 puffin depicts Postmaster F Allday. The 2 puffin shows the Lundy Gannet. The 6 Puffin depicts the cutter Gannet. The 9 puffin shows the Lerina. The stamp not illustrated is the 12 puffin which shows the Lundy mails arriving and being despatched by air.

The full Gazette article is dated 17 October 1969

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