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Wild West Rodeo

Whip-cracking, steer roping, side shows and skittling for a pig, were the attractions offered to visitors at Coombe, Abbotsham, on Saturday, in an attempt by the Parish Hall Committee to raise £150. The money is needed for repairs to Abbotsham Parish Hall.

Good weather favoured the gymkhana, held in the grounds belonging to Mrs Richards, one of the chief organisers.

Great attraction of the afternoon was a Wild West Rodeo display given by Dick Brooks, a farmer, of Down Farm, Dolton.

There were 26 entries in the gymkhana. Results – Jane Hartnoll, Anthony Brogan, Tessa Stokes, Helen Brooks, Caroline Rous, Dianna Herrick, Bridget Oke, Virginia Richards, Victor Evans, Patricia Ker, Simon Tomlinson, Rosalind Tucker, Peter Herrick. Most ribbons in the afternoon were won by Helen Brooks and Caroline Rous jointly, followed by Virginia Richards, Jane Hartnoll and Tessa Stokes.

22.8.1958 Abbotsham gymkhana

The full Gazette article is dated 22 August 1958

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