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Hartland’s 100th Show Worthy Of Occasion

Hartland Garden Society’s centenary show on Saturday was in every way worthy of the occasion. Exhibits were numerous and, despite the drought, of good quality, and the supporting programme was popular with the crowd. Even the weather was perfect, although heavy showers in the morning, which broke the long dry spell, had caused the organisers some anxiety. Hartland Town Band gave the show a good start by leading from the Square to the Playing Field a parade that included the Tetcott Foxhounds.

A popular innovation was the Devon police dogs.

There were many sideshows – including horseshoe pitching – to occupy those whose interest in the sports programme flagged. But almost everybody was there to watch the final of the tug o’ war contest between the ‘Hartland Featherweights’ and a team of visitors the ‘Ducksberry Quacks’. Game though the latter were, they were no match for the locals.

In the presence of a large crowd, which included show president Sir Dennis Stucley, and Lady Stucley, Lady du Cros presented the chief awards. Flower show judges were Miss M Allin, Mrs J Davie, Mrs E Hemmel, Mrs J M Salter, Messrs A Bantin, P T Beer, J Johns, L H Mott, W G Prideaux and S R Westcott. Cups and specials were won as follows: Mrs D Bomford’s rose bowl and blue ribbon, R H Beckley; Sir Dennis Stucley Cup, R H Beckley; J Prouse Cup, D Webber; Mrs C Dayman Cup, D Webber; E H Cross Cup, C Avis; P Minet Rosebowl and cash, R H Beckley; cash, Mrs A Pethick; F Johns Cup, L Middle; L J Middle Cup, Mrs G M Hill; W D Barrow Cup, Mrs W J Slee; A W Jeffery Cup, Mrs O M Harris; A Dayman Cup, Alan Downie; E Johns Cup, Lorraine Slee; vouchers, L Middle, R H Beckley, D Webber; Premium Bond, Mrs O M Harris; special, E Short.

First prize winners: E Short, D Webber, L Middel, C Westlake, H Squance, Mrs M Hobbs, T Nichol, H Shute. Fruit and flowers; D Webber, Mrs S Colwill, Mrs E Short, C Westlake, Mrs A Pethick, J Boundy, Mrs F Johns, Mrs C Ackland, H W Ellis, Mrs A C Avis, Mrs J Williams, D Bond, Mrs S Heard, Mrs R H Beckley, T G Kelland, Miss M Daniel, Mrs M C Avis, D H Williams.

Hand-knitted garment: Mrs H Glover; Mrs G West; Mrs O M Harris; Mrs G H Hill; Miss R Hooper, Mrs H Daniel.

White eggs, Mrs W J Slee; brown eggs, Mrs Conibear; tinted eggs, Mrs M Heard; cut rounds, Mrs H Daniel; sausage rolls, Mrs P Heard; pasty, Mrs M Hobbs; sponge, Mrs P Heard; packed lunch, Mrs W J Slee; jam, Mrs M Harris; wine, Mrs A Burrow; bread, Mrs W D Conibear; cake, Mrs A Burrow; biscuits, Mrs G M Hill; chutney, Mrs R Hooper; ginger cake, Mrs H E Heywood; Victoria sandwich, Mrs W J Slee; cherry cake, Mrs W Shute.

Art, Chris Heard, Tim Heywood, Wendy Metherall; clay modelling, Lindsay Higgins, Nigel Symons, Sally Heywood; wearing apparel, Nicola Slee, Lorraine Slee, Shirley Heard; fancy work, Lorraine Slee, Deana Pengilly, Lindsay Higgins; craft work, Lorraine Slee, Denise Short, Alan Vanstone; miniature garden, Alan Downie, Linda Downie, Barry Shute; wild flowers, Sally Heywood, Linda Downie, Johnathan Slee.

1.8.1969 Hartland Show1

1.8.1969 Hartland Show2

1.8.1969 Hartland Show3

Gazette article dated 1 August 1969

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