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Lundy’s youngest and newest inhabitant arrived last week on the island from the mainland in the ‘Lundy Gannet’ quite unperturbed by the rough weather.

5.12.1969 Lundy baby

She is Katherine Jane, daughter of Mr and Mrs John Ogilvie, of Barton Cottages, on the island. She was born on the mainland on October 1st.

Baby Kate spent the three hours on the trip in a carry-cot on deck, carefully watched over by her parents who have made their home on the island since their marriage nearly six years ago. They are seen preparing to carry their daughter to her new home. The island church and some of the buildings are in the background.

Mr Ogilvie is farm bailiff on Lundy. His wife Penny is the only daughter of Dr and Mrs William Ruddock, of Bideford. Dr Ruddock is doctor to the island. The island has been without resident children for several years.

5.12.1969 Lundy baby1

Gazette article dated 5 December 1977

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