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The charm and zest of children ‘dressing up’ is ever new.

14.7.1950 school dressing up

What fun it can be to them, and how entertaining to friends of their own age and grown-ups. These pupils of Strathmore School, Bideford, not only enjoyed themselves, and gave enjoyment, when they took part in the Dr Barnado’s Helpers’ League concert at Rosehill, Northam, on Saturday, but they also had the extra satisfaction of knowing they were helping children less fortunate than themselves.

Strathmore pupils gave a performance of ‘The Rhyming Princess’ and those taking part were: A Gordon, P Hearn, M Hardman, M Lane, B Harding, M Lee, D Wadey, D Squire, V Broad, J Baglow, M Whitefield, A Blackhurst, J Harding.

Gazette article dated 14 July 1950

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