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Bishop makes history

19.9.1958 Lundy confirmation

At 7am on Monday morning the Bishop of Exeter, Dr R C Mortimer, boarded the Lundy Gannet at Bideford Quay to go to Lundy where, in the evening, he became the first diocesan Bishop to officiate at a confirmation service there.
It was the first time such a service had been held on the island since 1912.
In the church of St Helena, lit by oil lamps and candles, he confirmed four candidates, all members of one family. They were Mr Stanley Charles Smith, Wayland Pondsbury, Joan Lerina and Judith Cynthia Daniels.
Mrs Audrey Smith was the organist and her father, Mr Frank Cannon, was among the congregation of 40. Mr and Mrs Smith were married on the island.
The Bishop, who was accompanied by his 12 year old daughter, Kate, was assisted at the ceremony by the Rev R C Dixon, Vicar of Appledore and priest-in-charge of Lundy.
Others present included Miss Eileen Heaven, Mrs Albion Harman, and Mrs Diana Keast.

The full Gazette article is dated 19 September 1958

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