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Putting a boy into a sack – for a sack race, of course – can be quite a wriggly business, as these competitors at Buckland Brewer Primary School Sports discovered.

8.8.1958 Buckland Brewer

Results: Flat races - Colin Barnstaple, Geoffrey Coles, Andrew Levick, Isobel Colwill, Robin Simpson, Peter Forsyth, Leon Dziurzynski, Elizabeth Heywood, Margaret Coles, Irene Lewis, Graham Jeffery, Brian Dennis, David Tucker, Susan Hill, Jennifer Barker, Pamela Fishleigh, Eric Tucker, Roy Rowland, George Heywood, Mary Mitchell, Lorna Brown, Graham Lewis, Alan Forsyth, David Heard, Judith Prance, Rosemary Fishleigh, Jennifer Mills, Geoffrey Cock, John Lewis, John Cleverdon, Sylvia Jeffrey, Christine Poole, Queenie May, Ernest Dennis, Stephen Barker, Paul Barnstaple, Pauline Poole, Ruth Levick, Valerie Kelly.
Egg and spoon – Peter Forsyth, Colin Barnstaple, Robin Simpson, Trevor Coles, Michael Tucker, Colin Poole, Alan Forsyth, Ernest Dennis, Stephen Barker.
Sack, Transition – Michael Tucker, Eric Tucker, Graham Lewis, Ernest Dennis, Geoffrey Cock, Stephen Barker.
Three-legged girls – Ruth Levick and Sylvia Jeffrey, Jennifer Barker and Susan Hill, Brenda Brown and Pauline Poole. Alan Forsyth, Graham Lewis, John Cleverdon and Ernest Dennis, Trevor Coles and Richard Mills.
Pick-a-back – Pauline Poole and M Prance, Sylvia Jeffrey and C Harding, Christine Poole and Hermione Dennis, Ernest Dennis and Andrew Levick, John Lewis and Michael Simpson, Stephen and Jennifer Barker.
Catch-the-train – Leon Dziurzynski, Robin Simpson, Peter Forsyth.
Transition – Queenie May, Graham Lewis, Michael Tucker, Ernest Dennis, John Lewis, Geoffrey Cock.
Egg and spoon – Mrs R Hill, Mrs Coles, Mrs Barker, Mrs Jeffrey, Mrs Heywood, Mrs Coles
Thread and needle – Mr and Mrs R Poole, Mr and Mrs A Levick, Mr Newbold and Mrs L Prance.
Full Gazette article dated 8 August 1958

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