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Multi-coloured flags adorned the Village Hall field, Westleigh, on Saturday, in celebration of a fete, organised by the Village Hall Committee.

1.7.1960 Westleigh Village Hall1

The target set was £200 to pay for a new roof to the Village Hall, and the result was approximately £160.
The secretary, Mr P Willey, explained that as soon as the debt was cleared, the building would be officially called the Village Hall.
Wishing the village every success in the future, the Mayoress of Barnstaple, Mrs M Huxtable, declared the fete open. She was presented with a bouquet by Miss Kathleen Willey.
Competition at a baby show, organised by Miss Gladys Fulford, was keen, there being about 50 entries. Judges were Dr T F Davidson and Miss M L Douglas, of Broomhayes Nursery. Results were: Leslie Squires, Michael and Kim Morgan, Rosemary Braund, Patricia Purcell, Julie Bowden, Michelle Jeffery, Heather Martin, Carol and Margaret Willey, Salliann Wilson.
Stall holders and in charge of competitions were: Mesdames W Dark, R Wilkinson, Miss W Dark, Mrs Bate, Miss M E Reed and helpers, Mesdames T Rose, A Oliver, Mr F Baltesz, Mesdames L Fowler, D Willcocks, Miss H Hearson, Mr and Mrs D Smith, Messrs R and G Tucker, Mrs I Ferguson, Misses Mary Steer and Joyce Prust, Mrs J Money, Mrs J Walters, Miss G Tanton, Mr R Poole, Mr H G Martin, Mr R Blight and helpers, Mr D Wilson, Mesdames K Prust, A Martin, M Ley, C Martin, L Poole, E Poole, J Sanders and M Huxtable.
Other prizewinners were: Mr C Shaxton, E Webber, C Shaxton junr, A Pickard, N Norman, G Pickard, A Johns, A Lee, F Huxtable, R Taylor, D Wilson, Miss Fulford, Rosemarie Braund, Mrs Huxtable, Mrs H Perry, Mrs A Braund, Mrs L Williams, Mrs James, D Tucker, A Shaxton, R Moule, Alan Money, Amanda Joy, John Armstrong, Caroline and Jeremy Ferguson, Mark Armstrong, Rosalind Burnett, Janet Burnett, Jennifer Gorvin.

1.7.1960 Westleigh Village Hall2


Gazette article dated 1 July 1960

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