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Pools winner tires of quiet life

28.3.1958 Torrington Jury

Big pools winner, Mr John Jury, stood in his almost-completed juke-box café at Torrington on Saturday and told a Bideford and North Devon Gazette reporter: “There is absolutely nothing in this town for ‘teenagers – or anyone else for that matter.”
“It’s getting worse” he went on. “At this rate the place will soon turn into a village. Perhaps this juke-box café will help brighten the town. This will be the only juke-box in the district.”
For the past two months 45 years old Mr Jury, of Calf Street, Torrington, has been working on the conversion of an old bicycle shop in Well Street into his café.
It is nearly two years since Mr Jury won £20,000 on a football pools. In that time he has been living a quiet life. He gave up his mason’s job, bought a car, re-decorated his house, and settled down quietly with his wife and two teenage daughters.
But he became tired of his routine and, partly because his elder daughter, Avril, was looking for a job as a shop assistant, he made the decision to rent the Well Street premises and turn them into a café.
The full Gazette article is dated 28 March 1958

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