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Remembering the success of the last Exhibition in 1958, even greater interest is centred on the Bideford and District Traders’ Exhibition which is to be held at Bideford Sports Ground all next week.

14.6.1963 Bideford Exhibition2

14.6.1963 Bideford Exhibition1

The Exhibition will be opened by Alan Taylor, the TWW television personality, the ‘Try for Ten’ Question master.
The Committees are as follows:
Management Committee - Messrs G Maddock, B Pidgeon, R Chope, E Blanchard, W R Downing, C C Prust.
Ground Committee – Messrs B Pidgeon, B Cording, R J Harding, C J E Petherick, C Coates, F Colwill, J Lewington, J Williams.
Entertainment Committee – Messrs R Chope, S G Heywood, D Lang, P Trapnell.
Advertising and Publicity Committee – Messrs E Blanchard, R G Balsdon, W G Couch, T Derrigan.
Hon treasurer – Mr W R Downing.
Joint Secretaries – Messrs D J Moyse and B Vanstone.
Gazette article dated 14 June 1963

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