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Landing depends on wind not being in the east.

9.5.1958 Lundy Queen Mother

Lundy will have its first visit from a member of the British Royal Family when Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, steps ashore on the island on Sunday afternoon.
Provided there is no easterly wind, the Britannia, in which the Queen Mother returns home from Northern Ireland tomorrow will anchor in Lundy Roads off the tiny landing beach on the east coast of the island.
As she steps ashore the Queen Mother will be greeted by the owner of Lundy, Mr Albion Harman, and will meet the inhabitants who now number about twenty.
Arrangements may will be made by Mr F W Gade, the resident agent, who has lived on Lundy for nearly thirty years, for the Royal visitor to be taken up the path in a conveyance drawn by the island’s farm tractor.
Nearing the top of the cliff path, Her Majesty will pass the owner’s residence, Millcombe, built over a century ago by the then owner of the island, the Rev William Hudson Heaven, but since modernised.
The full article is dated 9 May 1958

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