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Shebbear and Edgehill joint production

1963 Shebbear Edgehill production1

Forty four boys of Shebbear College, nine girls from Edgehill College and five members of the Shebbear teaching staff presented on Friday, Saturday and Monday highly successful performances of Arkell and Reynolds’ ‘1966 and all that’.
It was a combined effort by the Musical and Dramatic Societies of the two colleges and was watched by capacity audiences in Shebbear’s Memmorial Hall on all three evenings.
Some of the colourful costumes had been bought and others made by Mrs J B Morris (wife of the headmaster) and Mrs J A Buckley.
Those taking part were: J Richards, R W Priestley, J C P Wilkins, P R Denton, R W Hamer, T G Andrew, G T Bersey, W M Warren, P T Biddick, E A Venner, R L Saunders, J M Flinn, P S H Butler, J F Saunders, D J Fulford, T R Lillywhite, C G J Head, B C Streets, P E H Wright, R Frost, M R O’Driscoll, J R Palmer, J R Bartlett, A V Kotcharian, G R Cox, P C Plant, N B Bent, B G Carter, A R G Perrin, H A King, P J Westby, L J H Trevitt, J K Heywood, C N Pincott, Helen Brooks, R M Carter, Kay Denne, Patricia Cowper, Sarah Philips, D J Ley, A J Bryan, M Race, P R Upstone, P J Lerwill, J Woolaway, Cheryl McDaniel, Helen Jarvis, Margaret Cunningham, Linda Evans, Anita Fursey, J L A Hancock, P J Daniel, P G T Howell, K Puransamamriddhi.
Members of the Shebbear teaching staff taking part were Messrs W J Tucker, D W Maclagan, W P Langford, T Danby and Dr A W G Court.
Producer, Mr J L Queen, musical director, Mr J C Edmondson; business managers, Mr R D Curtin and Major S J Archer; properties, Mr R J Hopes and D J Etchells; costumers, Black Lion, Mesdames J B Morris and J A Buckley; scenery, R J Vaughan, C G J Head and G T Bersey; lighting, Mr M F Littleboy; make-up, Mr R H West; Edgehill arrangements, Mrs C Snowden; stage hands, M S Bath, R J Vaughan, D J Etchells, R P Bradwell, R T Thorne; electricians, J P Coad, W T French, R W Turner, R L Knight, R C Folley.
Orchestra: Mr W E Darch, Miss L Gibbings, Mr M Chubb, Mr E D Stanbury, Mrs M M Dickinson, Mr V Fogaty, Mr V Hancock, Mr M F Littleboy, Miss R Bradbury, Mr J Friend, Mr M Bray, Mr A Bryant, Mr H C Parr, Mr R Rendle.
Full Gazette article dated 11 April 1963

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