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Bagpipes introduce BGS entertainment 

28.3.1958 BGS Slade twins

Thursday of last week was the end of three great days for Francis and Mary, four years old twins of Mr and Mrs T Slade, Lime Grove, Bideford.
Francis and Mary were among the most popular performers in a concert presented by Bideford Grammar School. In the concert they were also twins – but Russian children – part of the cast in a play from a Tolstoy story, entitled ‘Michael’.
One of the youngest pupils taking part provided a touch of ‘something different’. Twelve years old Jimmy Grainger opened the concert with a bagpipe solo, playing ‘Cock o’ the North’, ‘John Bain’, ‘Marquis of Huntley’ and ‘High Road to Linton’.
Another young performer was 12 years old Christopher Mortimer. A versatile and confident performer sixth-former Roger Crowther.
The full Gazette article is dated 28 March 1958

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