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June thoughts in January: At Westward Ho! Holiday Centre they are preparing for the summer season.

1959 holiday preparations

The picture shows the construction of the new sun-lounge extension to the ballroom. It will have sliding plate-glass windows and will include a cafeteria and milk-bar. The work is expected to be completed by mid-March.
Elsewhere, the route to the sea known as the zig-zag path is being improved with the cutting of steps, which will be filled in with concrete to provide a more convenient access down the steep slope. To the club lounge is being added an extra bar counter, shaped like the poop end of a ship, in maritime style.
The outside chalets, previously of a uniform colour, are being repainted in a variety of contemporary pastel shades. A hundred other chalets are having interior renovation with hardboard and a new decoration scheme. ‘After a succession of indifferent summers as regards weather’ says Mr Mitchell, ‘we feel we must be prepared for the worst. Therefore we are replanning our programme and facilities so that, if the weather is inclement, our visitors are fully catered for’.
Summer bookings are again very good. All family chalets are already booked for the August holiday week, and no double chalets are now available for that week or the following one.
The Tors Guest House is already fully booked for all July and August.
The full Gazette article is dated 2 January 1959.

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