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3 December 1918

The Military Medal has been awarded to Sapper J T Bewes, RE, son of Mrs Bewes, Cow Park, Northam, and a son-in-law of Mr and Mrs Watts, Candile House, Westleigh for bravery under heavy fire. Another son-in-law of Mrs Watts, has also won the Military Medal, viz. Sgt C C T Hedges, RGA, son of Mr Hedges of Bristol for bravery on the field.

It was reported at Thursday’s meeting of the Devon Education Committee that the Northam school managers asked what they should do in regard to giving the children another holiday upon a promise made by an inspector that they should have a half day for every £100 raised by them for the War Loan. They had now reached £600. The Secretary observed that schools were being closed very frequently for one reason and another. Mr G Young asked whether the Government Inspector had the power to bribe the children by the offer of a holiday? The Secretary: this is the only authority that has the power. It was resolved to ask the Managers if the Inspector made such a promise.

1918 Northam

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